Body Lotion – The Secret to Staying Young


After a stressful day at work, your skin can become very dry and broken and lacks moisture and nutrients, therefore it is imperative to feed your skin with some minerals. Body lotion is the ideal way to make your skin happy again. These contain cocoa and Shea butters that help to restore your skins natural elasticity and keep it soft and smooth. These lotions are packed full of vitamin E to encourage cell regeneration and protection against environmental damage face beauty hq.

Application – After A Bath

There is nothing more relaxing than a soak in the bath, and to make sure your skin is nurtured and rub in body lotion that consist of natural ingredients that once applied provides a smooth sensation as well as a gorgeous smell. It will be easily absorbed after the bath, as skin’s pores will be wide open and receptive to the soothing effects of the body lotion.


These are ingredients made without chemicals as these have more benefits and fewer harmful side effects to your skin and body. Most of the ingredients used to make body lotion are natural and organic. These help to form anti aging lotions as these organic elements are nourishing your skin, thus making your skin healthy. This is the most important factor to applying body lotion to the skin according to most women. These women are under the constant pressure of trying to maintain young and healthy skin. As one gets older the body struggles to create enough collagen and elastin, both of which help to keep your skin to look firm. These have been proven to slow down the aging process.


Body lotions not only feel great but smell great – a smell that emanates from your skin for hours. These lotions are made from essential oils that are derived from vegetable and plant oils. These oils are referred to as essential because they carry a distinctive scent, or essence, of the plant. The popularity of essential oils have exploded in the last couple of decades due to their medicinal and aromatherapy uses. Popular oils include eucalyptus globulus, cedarwood and menthe arvensis that help radiate a gorgeous smell from the skin.

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